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Coronavirus With A Twist


During quarantine I have done a lot of writing. One of my ideas was to write 3 love stories and put them into like a short story collection book. The idea was to write one about a straight couple, one about a gay couple and one about a lesbian couple to show diversity.

I have finished the one about the gay couple: Here is the basic idea, blurb like thing with no spoilers I promise. Please let me know in the comments if you want to hear more about this.


It was a cold Wednesday afternoon. Schools closed a week ago, everything else followed. I guess I didn’t really think about that before I decided to walk to the supermarket. The walk there and back was boring and lonely. That is what I’m thinking as I turn the corner and bump right into someone. The force of the impact makes me stumble, but the person catches me by my elbow and steadies me. Once I regain my balance, I realise I’m looking down at a boy

Arlo is a tall, nerdy, shy 17 year old who doesn’t like talking to people.

Will is almost your classic American love story bachelor.

When one person gets sick with a deadly disease it spreads like wildfire, killing everything in its path. Families dead, friends, lovers, everyone is dead or dying. Can Will and Arlo survive?


Do you like the sound of it? Tell me in the comments what you have been writing during quarantine, if you want to hear this story and suggestions for romances that aren’t classic or commonly done. Thanks for reading 🙂 Have a nice day.





Sounds great!

28th May, 20

Thank you so much :)

28th May, 20

looks like an awesome story! i'd love to read more.

29th May, 20

Thank you so much

30th May, 20